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Armed Patrol Security

We Solve Problems Before They Start

Whether our officers patrol on foot, on bicycles, on Segways or in vehicles, they provide a constant presence and are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary – and to prevent problems before they start.

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. Our presence alone, uniformed armed or unarmed patrol officers can help enhance your employees’, residents’ or customers’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility.

Leader In Patrol Service, Security Guards, Executive Protection, Armed Guards And Virtual Guard In Morogoro
Welcome to Bestcare Security Patrol, Ltd. We provide security guard, security patrol, and executive protection amongst a vast array of other security services. Our security guard officers are the best in the business. Our armed security officers are highly sought after in the area because of the professionalism and high presence they provide. Our armed security guards exemplify strong authority and have a prominent rapport with local law enforcement. Our patrol services in Torrance are the leaders in all of the South Morogoro. Our Security Guards in Torrance can be seen patrolling many different businesses. Our point is that no matter where you need private security services in Morogoro we can provide you with local top notch security guards and patrol security specialists.

Patrol Security

Our patrol security is the leader in the field. Our patrol security vehicles are highly marked and can be seen throughout. We are not just a parking enforcement company. Our private patrol security is a crime deterrent. With the high presence of our patrol security vehicles, it can prevent vandalism before it starts. Our patrol vehicles are all purchased brand new with the latest technology resemble local law enforcement models. If you’re concerned about the security of your family or business, the security professionals at Southwest Patrol have the solution that is right for you. All you have to do is read the local papers or watch the evening news to know that burglaries of businesses and homes have reached near epidemic proportions. Don’t take chances with the safety of your family, employees, valuable personal belongings or business assets.

Armed Security Guards

We understand how difficult it is to hire armed security guards you can trust and depend on. This is not a decision most individuals take lightly. We present our company and our professional security guards first and foremost as they are the face of our private security company. We take the time to hear your concerns with security and how armed security guards can fulfill the needs at the location. Whether you are looking for armed security for after business hours or early morning? We are here to serve you, and we pick up our own phones. We do not have an off-site call center. When you need us we answer the phones and help you right away. With security being our business since 1994, we know that time is essential in serving our clients. This is especially the case when handling our client’s needs that require armed security guards.

Our Bestcare Security certified security guards can Provide you the best defence against security risks by positioning a physical and dynamic deterrence against theft, pilferage, vandalism, or other miscreant behaviour. · Perform gate operation and access control · Carry out anti-sabotage checks · Identify potential miscreants · Use, monitor and operate surveillance security devices and installations such as CCTV camera surveillance, access control systems, etc. · Keep a close watch on safety and fire hazards and respond promptly to prevent loss by fire or other safety or health hazards.

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