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Bestcare Security Services is a leading security services company operating in RIRONI and offers a wide array of security services to residential and corporate clients. Some of the services provided by Bestcare Security Company in RIRONI include:

  1. Security Guards in RIRONI: Security guards are one of our most sought after security services. Our guards are trained security services professionals who are responsible for monitoring and protecting residential and commercial properties from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.
  2. Alarm Systems in RIRONI: Bestcare Security services Company, RIRONI, provide alarm systems that can be installed in residential and commercial properties. These systems are designed to alert the authorities or the security company if there is a security breach.
  3. Surveillance Systems in RIRONI: Bestcare Security services Company, RIRONI, also offer surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras, that can be installed to monitor the premises. These systems can help deter criminal activities and provide evidence in the event of a crime.
  4. Access Control Systems in in RIRONI: Bestcare Security services Company installs access control systems that allow only authorized personnel to enter certain areas of the property. This can help prevent unauthorized access and theft.
  5. Background Checks in RIRONI: Some security companies offer background checks on employees or potential employees. This can help companies ensure that they are hiring trustworthy and reliable individuals.
  6. Risk Assessments Services in RIRONI: Bestcare Security services Company, RIRONI, conducts risk assessments of residential and commercial properties to identify potential security threats and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  7. Event Security and management in RIRONI:Bestcare Security services Company, RIRONI , offers event security services for large-scale events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. These services can include crowd control, VIP protection, and access control.

Bestcare Security services Company, RIRONI offer a wide range of services to residential and corporate clients to help protect their properties, employees, and assets.

best-security-company-nairobi-kenya - coverage locations
best-security-company-nairobi-kenya – coverage locations

Private Security, Bodyguards and Bouncers for Hire in RIRONI

Bestcare Security is a Licensed Security Guard company with more than 10 years of combined services and Experience in the Security Industry.

Looking for professional security personnel for your event? For weddings, birthdays, seminars, parties, shows, concerts, gigs or any event or occasion you are planning, contact us.

Bestcare Security Guards Services is a service organization involved in providing professional security in corporate guarding, retail guarding, event security, VIP escort services / concierge, first aid, perimeter security & workplace violence prevention.

If you are looking for a security guards or security officers to protect your property in Nairobi or anywhere throughout Kenya, then Bestcare Security can help.


We are a leading security solutions provider to corporate office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail shopping centers, residential gated communities, hospitals, as well as private individuals.

We provide a wide range of Professional services to clients – these include:

  1. Mobile Patrols
  2. Patrol Response
  3. Event Crowd control
  4. Static Guards
  5. Investigative Services
  6. Retail Security
  7. Close Personal Protection
  8. Alarm Monitoring
  9. Electronic Security System Supply, Installation, Maintenance


Bestcare Security services offers private security, Bodyguard and Bouncer Services. If you need to hire your own private security to guard you, we are here to facilitate the process. Need security for your business or residence? Here at Bestcare, we are professionals in finding the best security services around. Uniformed security, bodyguards to bouncers, call us today and we will provide the best security personnel and services for the any kind of job.

Our company continues to grow due to our commitment to total professionalism and outstanding Service. Bestcare Security is committed to Excellence by providing Premium and Unsurpassed Security Officer services and Client Satisfaction.

Bestcare services provides high quality, customized security services for private and public clients with unique and demanding security needs. We specialize in providing high level close protection, night club security and bouncer services. Our unwavering commitment to quality and detail has earned us the business and accreditation of thousands of satisfied customers. We provide body guard services to:

  • vip’s,
  • diplomats,
  • celebrities,
  • executives,
  • media & ngos,
  • religious leaders,
  • high net worth individuals,
  • conflict zone personnel and more

Top, Reliable and Affordable Security Services in RIRONI

We are a leading security solutions provider to corporate office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail shopping centers, residential gated communities, hospitals, as well as private individuals. Our officers are trained to be prepared to handle any situation, which builds clients confidence in the services we provide.
We are passionate about building close, long-term relationships with all our customers, whether you are employing our services for a year or a month. We will provide quality, cost-effective protection for your people, products, and property.
We provide high standard security services all over Nairobi and its environs and are known for our high standards of service delivery. Our core strength over the years has been our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ unique environments and needs.

We provide our residential and corporate clients in RIRONI with the following security services

  1. Security Patrols
  2. CCTV Management
  3. Event Security
  4. Manned Guarding
  5. Car Park Protection
  6. Community Support
  7. Tenant Liaison
  8. Fire Safety and Drill
  9. Crowd Management
  10. Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
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