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Electrical Fence Installation

Installing an electric fence is an easy and cost-effective way to deter, detect or delay intruders from entering your property. With a high voltage shock, intruders will therefore have difficulties entering your premises. If by any chance the fence is being tampered with, the energizer will also sound an alarm and you will instantly be notified.

Every property is different, and one electric fence installation solution doesn’t work for everyone. So, we send technicians to your property, conduct a site survey, then work with you to design the right electric fencing system to address your particular needs.

Looking For The Best Security Solutions For Your Premises?

Most security systems such as security cameras and detection sensors are designed to react after an intrusion has occurred to a property. They are more of a cure than a prevention. They help after the fact. To prevent intrusion, electric fencing is an effective deterrent as it acts as a physical and psychological barrier. Unless an intruder is quite determined and is equipped to bypass the electrical system, an electric fence sends a message that a property is well secured.

An electric fence can be designed to suit a specific property. An installation consultant will inspect the site and recommend an appropriate design. It can be installed on an existing fence or installed as a new fence altogether.

Electric fencing systems are an effective perimeter protection solution for homes, industrial complexes, utility properties, warehouses and more. It is used to prevent theft, vandalism and safeguard property and assets.

Different elements of the electric fencing system such as the height, number of wires and distance between wires can be configured according to the level of security needed. The flexibility in configuring the system makes electric fencing one of the strongest preventive security measures and the first line of defense for your property.

How Electric Fencing Works

Here’s how an electric fence works, high energy pulses are sent through the wires at a set interval. Touching the live wire will deliver a sharp electric shock which will prevent an intruder from scaling the wall. While the shock is enough to prevent intrusion, it is non-lethal to humans.

Electric fencing systems also come with a controller for intrusion detection. The controller monitors the perimeter and generates an alert in case of an intrusion attempt. Any attempt to cut or short circuit a wire, an alert whether audible or silent will be sent to the monitoring station and/or a guard house and a mobile phone.

Benefits Of An Electric Fencing System

There are many reasons why you should install an electric fencing system. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Can be installed on an existing wall or as newly-built fence
  • A reliable barrier to deter or delay intrusion
  • High monitoring capabilities coupled with an intrusion alert
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable


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