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Security Guard at your Business

Get a Security Guard at your Business because we protect what matters most to you

We are a top regional provider of security services in Nairobi, integrated risk management and cash solutions, we’re the trusted partners you can count on, when it really counts, for yourself, your home and your business.

Our highly trained security professionals go above and beyond to provide a wide range of industry-leading security solutions. With our core values of integrity, trust, vigilance and respect reflected in everything we do, we offer peace of mind to clients in Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Thika, Machakos, Eldoret, Naivasha, and the rest of Kenya for private and public installations.

Our people set us apart because we hire and train the most qualified personnel to meet our clients’ needs—and we promote continuous development. We gain a unique understanding of local realities and potential threats, so we can apply exclusive on-the-ground knowledge and deliver tailored solutions.

We secure every day and make the world a safer place by protecting our clients’ people, assets and operations.


Disciplined and well-trained, our guards guarantee the best protection and crime deterrence. All employees are provided two sets of uniforms issued twice a year, together with an overcoat and boots which are renewed as often as required.

Guards undergo frequent spot-checks from their supervisors to ensure they are on-duty and alert at all times. These inspections are closely monitored by management, with the guards having to sign an inspection log and the supervisors scanning on-site bar codes.

Highly Trained Guards

We deliver well trained security officers. The Stallion Security training curriculum is approved by qualified security experts and covers such areas as security surveillance, patrolling, fire fighting and self-defense, among others.


The Guard Patrol Monitor is an automated staff monitoring system that ensures specific areas on your premises are checked on a regular basis. The guards must clock- in at each checkpoint within a designated time period and sequence: failure to do so immediately alerts our base station and triggers an instant alarm response by our motorized units.

The system is monitored online 24 hours a day, letting us constantly check our guards’ efficiency and follow-up on any security breach. Mobile patrol units are an important part of a successful security system. Not only does their presence serve as a deterrent, but the patrollers’ rapid response times ensure better protection of your facilities and assets against criminal acts.

Mobile patrol professionals, when and where you need them most.

Whether you need to secure an office building, a mall, or a warehouse, you can depend on our mobile patrol units.

In addition to patrolling and securing sites for private clients, our mobile patrol units are equipped to support municipalities and law-enforcement agencies by handling disturbance calls, escorting suspects to court, monitoring parks, public areas and public buildings, helping enforce municipal by-laws, and more.

Fast response time

We have the largest fleet in Nairobi among private security providers, and an impressive number of mobile patrol units in the Kenya as well. Our vehicles are well positioned, and connected to our control centers through GTrack for rapid deployment in the event of an emergency. A fast response time from our mobile patrollers means you are in a better position to make more informed security-related decisions.

GEOTAB, the #1 product of its kind, is a fleet-management application that allows our branches to track our vehicles’ locations with precision. This means that if your site requires attention, we get there fast by dispatching the closest available vehicle.

We monitor our patrol vehicles 24/7, and information is relayed in real time. Plus, each vehicle’s trip history is stored, so we can obtain a record of arrival and departure times for any location and time period.

Also, as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we track our fuel consumption, engine idling patterns and driving habits.

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best-security-company-nairobi-kenya – coverage locations
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